TESS Libraries

Individual Component Libraries

Recently, we have found ourselves asked to write single, quite complex TRNSYS components for clients and to build them into somewhat conventional systems; technology assessment tools if you will. In some cases, the client has been willing to allow us to share the components with the larger public. Somewhat inappropriate for inclusion in one of the TESS Libraries, we have chosen to offer these components for sale individually instead.

Description Source Code DLL Proformas Technical Doc Example Sample Catalog Data

Green Roof

Type Number: 785

This component models a green roof that can be implemented with Type56/TRNBuild. Energy balances for vegetated and unvegetated portions of the roof are computed simaultaneously so that the vegetation level may be varied throughout the year.

$US 200

Wetland Cell

Type Number: 979

Type 979 models the thermal behavior of one cell in a wetland waste water treatment system. The cell is essentially a rectangular parallelepiped that may be partially buried in the ground. It is assumed to be filled with some kind of porous media such as gravel and it is capped by a transparent or an opaque cover. Air and liquid may be pumped into and/or removed from the cell.

$US 250

Exposed Basement or Parking Garage

Type Number: 1228

This component models a partially buried parking garage (3-sides buried and 1 exposed to the ambient).

$US 250


Ventilated Air Cavity Facade

Type Number: 1230

This component models an exterior wall where the outside surface is massive in nature (brick, terracotta, wood to a lesser extent) with a ventilated air gap behind it. In effect its an opaque solar collector. The back side of the air gap has small resistive layer and is then connected to a standard Type 56 wall for modeling the interior wall heat transfer. The model accounts for the absorption of solar energy on the exterior surface, long wave radiation exchange with the sky from the outside surface, convection to the ambient air, energy storage in the massive wall, conduction through the wall, radiation exchange through the air gap, convective exchanges to the air stream from both air gap surfaces, and conduction through the resistive layer. The model was derived from energy balances on the massive wall, the air stream, the exterior surface, and the interior surfaces.

$US 250

2-Pipe Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Type Number: 1254

This component models an air source heat pump in which a single outdoor unit serves multiple indoor units. In a two-pipe configuration the indoor units must all either be in heating mode or cooling mode. A mixed mode in which some indoor units are in heating mode while others are in cooling mode is not possible. Not all the indoor units need to be active; some may simply be OFF. As is the case for many of the TRNSYS HVAC components, the performance of the VRF air handler is based on a performance map.

$US 200

Tank - in - Tank

Type Number: 1265

This component models a vertical cylindrical storage tank with an immersed cylindrical storage tank and optional immersed heat exchangers.  This routine solves the coupled differential equations imposed by considering the mass of the fluid in the main storage tank, the mass of the fluid in the smaller immersed storage tank and the mass of the fluid in the heat exchangers. The immersed tank contains one inlet and one outlet while the larger tank can have one or multiple ports.

$US 350


"Be All End All" Ground Coupling

Type Number: 1267

This models a multi-zone slab/basement/crawlspace conditions that communicates thermally with the ground. This model also allows the user to place fluid-filled pipes within or around the materials (such as pipes excavated under or around the foundation of the building) and connect the pipes together to form circuits. The component may also be used with storage tank models that are buried in the ground.

$US 500


Phase Change Material (PCM) Wall

Type Number: 1270

A phase change material wall that can be implemented with Type56/TRNBuild. Type1270 is designed to interact with Type56. The user is able to specify the physical properties of the PCM (density, specific heat, melting temperature, freezing temperature, and latent heat of fusion) or can enter a code to choose a particular commercially available "BioPCM" manufactured by Phase Change Energy Solutions. It should also be noted that Type1270 models a pure PCM. From a physical point of view, this means that the PCM is assumed to to go through its freeze/thaw process at constant temperature, to have a constant specific heat in the solid phase and to have a constant specific heat in the liquid phase.

$US 100

Event Data Reader

Type Number: 1272

This component reads a simple data file that is based on at what time the event occurs, the duration of the event (in seconds), and the value of the event. This is an excellent component for draw profiles for solar domenstic hot water (SDHW) simulations, occupancy schedules, or anything else that would require to specify a duration at a certain time.

$US 100