TESS Libraries

How to Order

The TESS Component Libraries v.18

If you choose to purchase add-on component libraries you will receive the following:

  • Complete source code for all ordered components.
  • Simulation Studio Proformas for all ordered components.
  • Example projects showing the use of all ordered components.
  • Technical documentation detailing model assumptions and solution techniques.
  • Technical support from TESS for as long as you own the libraries.
  • Free online updates to the TESS libraries v18.

Library Pricing

The current price structure offered by TESS is shown in the table below. The educational discount is available to any qualifying institute of learning. Non-profit and/or governmental organizations do not qualify for the educational discount unless they directly grant degrees. Please contact us for more information if you have specific questions. The table below reflects the price for each library; discounts are offered for for the purchase of multiple libraries.

Library Educational Price (10 user) Commercial Price (1 user) Commercial Price (5 user) Commercial Price (10 user)
Application Component Library $105* $210* $357* $420*
Cogeneration Component Library $325* $650* $1104* $1300*
Controls Component Library $125* $250* $424* $500*
Electrical Component Library $205* $405* $688* $810*
Ground Coupling Component Library $270* $535* $908* $1070*
Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP) Component Library $185* $370* $628* $740*
High Temp. Solar Component Library $135* $270* $458* $540*
HVAC Component Library $340* $675* $1146* $1350*
Hydronics Component Library $115* $225* $382* $450*
Loads and Structures Component Library $215* $430* $730* $860*
Optimization Component Library $275* $550* $934* $1100*
Solar Collector Component Library $235* $470* $798* $940*
Storage Tank Component Library $195* $385* $654* $770*
Utility Component Library $190* $375* $637* $750*
All 14 Libraries (before discount) $2915* $5800* $9848* $11600*

Upgrade Pricing:

Library Educational Upgrade (10-user) Commercial Upgrade (1-user) Commercial Upgrade (5-user) Commercial Upgrade (10-user)
Cost per Library $100* $200* $340* $400*

Discounts are given for multiple library purchases:

  • Take 25% off the purchase of 5-9 libraries*
  • Take 35% off the purchase of 10-13 libraries*
  • Take 50% off the purchase of all 14 libraries*

* Percentage discount is subtracted from the total cost of the libraries purchased

Order Processing

TESS is able to ship or send link to download orders once payment or a valid purchase order is received. Once TESS receives payment or a purchase order, the order is shipped within the next business week. We use standard airmail for all orders within the US and Federal Express for international orders. We are also able to ship via other carriers if you so desire. However, to use another carrier we would ask that you contact us for a revised shipping quotation prior to ordering.

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