TRNSYS Standard Components

The standard TRNSYS library included with the purchase of the program includes many of the components commonly found in building energy systems. It also includes routines to handle weather data, solar radiation processing, basic HVAC equipment, hydrogen fuel cells, solar thermal and electric technologies, thermal storage, coupling to other simulation tools, and simulation result processing.

Download Standard Component Library Overview

TESS Libraries

The TESS Component Libraries contain over 250 components in 14 different Libraries. Visit the TESS Libraries section for more information.

TRNLIB Components

User written components that are donated to the TRNSYS community and which are publically available.Visit the TRNLib website for more information.

TRNAUS Components

These components are currently available for Australian TRNSYS15 users, but are currently being updated to be used with TRNSYS17. More information is available in the TRNAUS document.

Transsolar Non-Standard Components

The TRNSYS developer in Germany, Transsolar, has developed a number of the own non-standard components for TRNSYS users. Visit the TS Non-Standard Types website for more information.