Training in the U.S.

TESS offers four types of training:

In-Person Training at TESS: Comprehensive training courses are offered in Madison, Wisconsin approximately once per year. These courses typically last 3-4 days and cover both basic and advanced TRNSYS features and techniques. They are intended to be of interest to both the novice and experienced TRNSYS user. Additional time can be made available for discussing some of the lesser known or specific TRNSYS capabilities. Participants are encouraged to attend at least the first two days but are also welcome to attend only a portion of the training as well. Course tuition discounts are given for multiple days and for multiple attendees from a single company. Snacks, breakfast, and lunches are provided to all attendees. Local hotel discounts can also be arranged.

In-Person Training at Customer Locations: If you want to develop institutional TRNSYS knowledge, we would be happy to arrange customized training sessions at your location. These classes usually start by covering basic techniques but are then tailored to focus on the customer’s specific areas of interest.

Live-Taught Online Classes: These classes use a screen sharing web application and allow users to connect to a live-taught seminar from anywhere in the world. Live-taught online classes are not as interactive as the in-person training and focus more heavily on lecture and demonstration. Courses are typically held in four 3-hour sessions over the span of a two-week period.

Self-Paced Online Training: in 2020 TESS launched a set of pre-recorded videos that are sequenced to guide the user from the very basics through entry-level TRNSYS concepts and projects. The video suite contains approximately 7.5 hours of content spread over 23 videos.

Please visit the TESS TRNSYS Training Overview page for schedules and additional details.