How Do I... (Tutorials)

  • How do I create a TRNSYS simulation?
  • Creating a TRNSYS simulation begins in the Simulation Studio. The user will create a new project (*.tpf), bring TRNSYS Components into the simulation from the 'Direct Access Tree', connect components' outputs to other components' inputs, and simulate the performance. The "Getting Started" "Tutorials" and "Examples" manuals of the TRNSYS documentation set are designed to teach new users how to piece together a TRNSYS simulation. Also, please view some of the example projects in the "..\Trnsys18\Examples\" directory for more reference.

  • How do I create a building in TRNSYS3D and import it into TRNBuild?
  • The TRNSYS3D plugin for SketchUp™ allows the user to create the building envelope graphically. TRNSYS3D is accompanied by tutorial that we recommend reading to understand how to use the tool. The tutorial is located in the "Tutorials" manual in the "..\Trnsys18\Documentation\" directory.

  • How do I troubleshoot an error when I run a simuation?
  • If you encounter an error when you run a TRNSYS simulation, click on the 'Result file' icon on the bottom-left side of the Simulation Studio. This will open a window that displays the information in the log file (a file that is created when you run a TRNSYS simulation) which includes and notices, warnings, and errors. Click on the error which will expand the row to view the message about the error. Alternatively, you may also open the log (*.log) or listing (*.lst) file in a simple text editor program and scroll to the bottom of the file to read the information about the error.

  • How do I create an SDHW simulation?
  • TRNSYS is an excellent simulation program for analyzing solar domestic hot water (SDHW) systems. There are components both in the standard library of TRNSYS components and the TESS Libraries that are very useful for TRNSYS SDHW simulations. Components for water draw profiles, storage tanks, controllers, valves, pipes, pumps, and collectors may be implemented in the Simulation Studio graphical interface just as the mechanical diagrams of the actual system. There is also a simplified and moderate example for SDHW systems in TRNSYS that are located in the following directories, respectfully.

  • How do I simulate and create a slab-on-grade for my building?
  • A tutorial and example for simulating slab-on-grade buildings are included in the Trnsys18 package. The tutorial may be viewed from the following directory.

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